We are C & H Designs,LLC an industrial technology company that provides quality, precision, and economical CNC Machining & Laser marking for both large and small quantity orders.

Upon arrival, the components are entered into our job queue and tracked internally from start to finish using a unique job identifier. Through our innovative processes and use of the latest in modern CAD/CAM systems, we will meticulously design and program tool-paths that are specific to part geometry. To ensure the components are made to exact specifications, they are verified to precise tolerances with our in house CMM and appropriate gages. After final inspection, the components will be packed, shipped or delivered.

CNC vertical machining centers, Die Sinker EDM and 3D printers are utilized for manufacturing/building appropriate fixtures/work-holding devices required for machining/lasering complex parts.
Fiber lasers are widely used in many applications such as: drilling, welding, cutting and marking of metals. CO2 lasers are widely used for: cutting plastic materials, wood, die boards, and marking of various materials and coatings.

We offer only the finest quality CNC machined and lasered products. With C.M.M Inspection and quality control systems in place throughout our production processes, we ensure that each component that leaves our facility will meet the most demanding specifications.

About Us

Clint and Heidi Washburn created C & H designs, LLC in 2015 as a laser engraving company. Since then we have expanded our capabilities to include CNC machining, EDM and 3D printing.  Along with their four young children, Clint and Heidi work hard to ensure quality jobs are leaving their facility. It is important that each customer is satisfied with the work we have done.